ANDA by Kerstin Florian

Beyond routine or regimen, moments spent nurturing our skin remind us to nurture our spirit. Elevate these blissful moments by embracing the four pillars of self-love everyday.

BREATH | Take time to breathe, feel the rhythm of your breath, expand your diaphragm, inhale deeply and slowly.

Let the uplifting aroma of ANDA flow through your senses and uplift your mood.

SELF EXPRESSION | Journal your thoughts, write a poem, sing aloud, draw, paint, be creative- whatever gets you in touch with yourself, your gifts and your uniqueness. Be comfortable and appreciative of all your experiences and offers.

GRATITUDE | Express gratitude for at least 3 things each day- the health you have, the beauty of nature, the gift of friendship- and know that you are deserving. Feel positive and grateful for receiving life and all of its challenges.

MOVEMENT |  Explore mindful, gentle, fluid movements daily- yoga, stretching, swimming or even dancing. Feel your limbs as they move through air ot water, feel the resistance and wind they create- the ease with which your bodies own power can affect its surroundings.

Above all, love yourself, be proud to love yourself, and express your love for yourself freely each and every day.