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Sara Happ


"A card-carrying beauty junkie and magazine addict, Sara Happ has loved all things "lip" for as long as she can remember.

"I brought my curling iron, blow-dryer and Lip Smackers with me to Girl Scout camp. We slept in tents." She explains.

In 2005, she realized there was a hole in the beauty market, after Googling, "lip scrub" and finding no results.

"I kept reading, 'Exfoliate lips with a wet washcloth or baby toothbrush.' I couldn't believe a lip scrub didn't exist, because I had scrubs for every other part of my body. I had 20 glosses and balms in my purse, but no amount of lip balm makes dry, flaky lips look good. So I went to my kitchen and made it myself."

A cult product was born the moment the lip scrub by sara happ ®hit shelves in Los Angeles. In 2008, her highly anticipated follow up,the lip slip ®: one luxe balm quickly became known as the richest, glossiest, most luxurious balm in stores. Today it is the company's #1 bestseller.

"My sole purpose was to create the greatest lip product imaginable. I had the luxury of being first to market with the lip scrub, but if I was going to put out a glossy balm, I knew it had to beat anything out there. That's no small task! My motto was: The world doesn't need another lip balm. It needs the perfect one."

What began in Sara's kitchen is now a phenomenon from Tokyo to Copenhagen.

Today she is expanding her line into an eclectic collection of staples made to solve universal beauty dilemmas, offering an effective solution wrapped in her signature "nightstand worthy" gift box and bow. She is simply doing what she does best: creating products she herself can't live without."

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