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Look Good After a Wax

Posted on July 23, 2012 by Sally Sue | 0 comments

Let's face it, beauty rituals can sometimes be painful but pain does not
stop us ladies from doing what we need to do to look and feel beautiful.  No
pain, no gain!  I occasionally get waxed by professionals (it can get
expensive and sometimes I just don't have the time to book in to get my full
leg and bikini waxed) and I do not know what they use or do to me before
getting waxed, but it does not hurt nearly as much as if I was to wax myself
at home!   

I recently came across this product by Whish called Prelude - Pre Wax and
Shave Serum.  Who doesn't want to look good after a wax and why would you
want to walk around with redness and inflamed skin?  Prelude gently numbs,
cleanses and reduces skin inflammation with its natural combination of clove
leaf oil, menthol, witch hazel and organic aloe as most numbing products on
the market today contain ingredients like benzocaine or lidocaine (same
numbing ingredient your dentist uses on you before they do a filling!).

Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may still feel a sting after waxing but Prelude definitely has made my waxing experience more

Prelude also contains witch hazel and tea tree leaf oil to help cleanse and tone the skin removing oil and impurities from the skin prior waxing for a smoother waxing experience.  

Prelude also comes in a clear gel form so it is extremely easy to apply with your fingertips, no gauze or cotton pad needed!  

I started to use Prelude to experience a better wax and shave but also
realized how moisturizing it was for my skin.  Waxing or shaving generally dries out my skin but with the use of Prelude, I have noticed my skin no longer dries up like it used to thanks to the wonderful ingredients of organic aloe, panthenol and cucumber extract.

Whish also practices earth friendly packaging and ingredients.  The line is paraben free, TEA, DEA and sulphate free and all products are tested on us, no animals.

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